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I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Emerging Media and Digital Arts; that means I know my stuff. I am currently working on a Master of Fine Arts Degree in film so shoot and edit high quality short films too, but I will never give up shooting stills. I have great gear, proven skills and a great studio. I am fun as heck to work with, I am told, and I can create with just about anyone so long as they are fun and show up on time.

I started in photography with a Nikon film camera in the 60’s. I advanced to medium formats for more upscale work and ended up having one of the most complete black and white and color darkrooms in Southern Oregon where I did all my own printing for my small gallery In Ashland, Oregon. I think my years of having to produce art grade images from scratch to print has given me spot on skills. I shoot mostly digital now and show in others’ galleries and do a good bit of portfolio work with new models to help them get off on the right foot. My specialty was, is and will remain empowering portrait and fine art. To me the focus is to get empowering photographs that will help the client on whatever path they walk. I enjoy helping others manifest their vision and especially enjoy shooting all sorts of costumes in my studio or in the great out of doors particularly with Southern Oregon’s wonderful natural backdrops. I am currently rebuilding my website from the ground up and look forward to getting it all up to speed! I look forward to meeting and co-creating with new clients.

Nuts and bolts: Base Rate is $50 per hour with a one-hour minimum, which includes editing time. I am also happy to bid jobs, like weddings and in many cases will take payments.

All editing is done on top of the line Apple equipment by a highly trained professional, Bachelor of Science Degree in Emerging Medi & Digital Arts. Retouching or enhancing of new or old images, no problem. I am also happy to serve as a Producer/Director for larger projects like weddings and big events such as fundraisers and concerts, 11 years in uniform, so I know how to lead and get things done.

Work can be emailed, uploaded to a secure site and/or burned onto a thumb-drive supplied by you or a DVD. In most cases you own your image and are not required to order prints through me, on weddings alone that will save you a bundle.

Hire a Master Photographer who is fun. Hire a Veteran who will get it done.

Or Call: 541-890-7354

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